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Ceramiche De Renzo - Showroom Via Nazionale ss.18 Vena - Vibo Valentia

From over 30 years Ceramics de renzo tries to be for our customer his shop of confidence. Each customer is first of all a person who deserves the best and we believe that the service is the detail that makes the difference: therefore we concentrate our attention to service enclosed in the sale. We offer our customers comprehensive advice,constantly updated, to satisfy every need and desire. To find your way to better inside of our wide range of products, we have divided the company into five macro-areas: floors, marble fireplaces, bathroom furnishings and fixtures for both indoor and outdoor. Inside the new show-room of over 800 square meters, our team of experts is ready to welcome you and guide you in choosing the best solutions for your home and your bathroom. You will have the chance to develop the project in 3d of your house and your bathroom, directly with the owner of the Company, personalizing every environment for your dream.


Since 1990 the protagonists of the ceramic
Ceramics de Renzo is born from the encounter between passion and experience in the world of ceramics. The ceramic history de Renzo is a family history. A story that tells of a "know-how" that has its roots in tradition and an entrepreneurial energy that has led the small business born in 1990 at Vibo Valentia to be the important reality that ceramics de Renzo is today. Over the years the company has evolved with energy and dynamism. He encouraged the visionary projects and visionary of the new generations and at the same time had the ability to remain faithful to the solid basis of values. Fidelity to tradition and pushed toward innovation are still the strengths of a company established in continual growth. So much to offer today customers loyal and new customers more space, more rich and innovative, in order to make one realize, the greatest dream: "Your home and your bathroom"… Ceramics de renzo wishes you a pleasant visit to our showroom….



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